abs signal battery check engine
ABS braking system
Go to garage*
Low battery level
Go to garage*
Engine analyzes CHECK ENGINE
Contact your garage
gaz brakes liquid oil level
TPMS Tire pressure

Check the tire pressure
immediately and appointments
at the garage!*

Low brake fluid
Check the oil level liquid and
go to garage*
Engine oil level
Check oil level immediately
Go to garage*
handbrake oil pressure moteur élevée température huile élevée
Handbrake applied Engine oil pressure
Stop the vehicule and
contact your garage!*
High engine temperature
Stop the vehicule and
contact your garage!*
engine service soon Empty windshield washer Airbag system
Engine maintenance required
Go to garage!
Add washer fluid! SRS airbag system
Go to garage!*

*Towing may be necessary